A little about me

I've been doing this photo thing for a decade now. I love the places it has taken me and the friendships it has created.

More than my passion for photography is my love for people. I value relationships and experiences over any golden light or stunning landscape (although let's be real, I'll pull over on the side of the road and jump up and down for those any day). My primary focus is to build a relationship with anyone who is in front of my camera, and know them as more than a client or subject. So yes - I'll definitely cry during your vows and the father-daughter dance.

I'll be the first to say that I'm not the photographer for everyone. I'm for those who love the in-between moments, who prefer mood over technically correct, who stray from the traditional and like to get a little dirty, and who aren't afraid to run around or hike a mountainside to get a killer shot. I love traveling and will hop on a plane in a heartbeat to come photograph you! If you connect with that, I'd love to hear from you!

I'm Kelsey!

Not just a photographer,

for loved up souls.

a visual storyteller

More than my passion for photography is my love for people (type 2 over here!). I realize that most people have not spent any time in front of a camera. I promise not to cause flashbacks to your awkward prom poses! I like giving direction and guidance all while making sure I capture you in your element where the true love and real emotions come out. The best photos are always the ones that sometimes feel like you aren’t doing it “right" or anything outside your ordinary. But that’s the best part—there is no right or wrong. Every couple is different and the way they show their love is unique and special.

You deserve to have your moments captured in an authentic way.


I'm a wife to a fun but charming man named Craig, and a mother to my beautiful daughter, Windsor. I love music, home décor, coffee alongside an everything bagel, and a good game night. I am obsessed with nature - studying it, looking at it, being in it. Literally, I once had a Planet Earth themed birthday party. 

I value deep relationships, making people feel seen and comfortable, and always working hard for myself and my family. 

True crime podcasts, long baths, and big cups of coffee are my jam!



I started my journey with photography in high school. I instantly was drawn to capturing emotions and moments in a photograph that you can keep forever. I would spend the entire P.E. period in school with my little point and shoot camera taking photos of my friends. I attended art school where I learned the importance of creating art.

The thing that has always driven me is giving others something they will treasure for a lifetime. Now that I am a mother, that passion has only grown stronger. I know that time is precious and fleeting. Every moment counts.  One of my love languages is acts of service and I feel as if it’s my duty to make sure all of my couples know how hard I will always work for them and prove my appreciation to them during and after photographing them.  

Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.


One of my largest goals as a photographer is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera especially on your most important day. I also do my best to capture the day in a truly authentic way. I have a passion for helping the day run smoothly from start to finish. You will definitely see my jump in to put boutonnieres on or fix your veil or hair.

I will always arrive early to make sure every moment is captured.  After a couple cups of coffee in the morning, I am ready to take on the long and rewarding day ahead. I will be there documenting the getting ready through to ceremony, reception and dancing the night away. I will be there in the center of it all when I need to and as a wallflower behind the scenes, photographing moments and details that otherwise might be missed. 

Pictured below is me 8 months pregnant still capturing all the moments. 

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat


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"Kelsey turned our wedding into an event to remember. She took the most amazing photos and kindly coached me and my groom and our whole family in taking the best photos."


"I cannot say enough about Kelsey! She was the perfect wedding photographer in every single way. Her eye for photography and passion for wedding photography is absolutely evident in her work."


"One my favorite things about being photographed by Kelsey is how she always makes me and my family feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera."


"I'm so happy with the pictures I get to treasure now and forever! You can tell she pours every ounce of her heart into her work and that shines through in each and every photo."


I value stories and experiences. I’m a lover of authentic, candid moments, and images that represent that.

I live to tell your story.
The story that no one else has.