Chloe +

Mistletoe Bough Bed & Breakfast
Alexander City, Alabama

Here is your reminder to get married however the heck you want to. 🤘🏻 There are no real rules. We are on a spinning rock in space. love and live your truth.

Chloe and Leslie were googling LGBTQ+ friendly venues in Alabama and thank god Mistletoe Bough came up. The sweet owner of mistletoe, Jennifer, recommended me without ever working together. Chloe and Leslie drove from Florence, Alabama to elope on a Thursday with their two besties to get hitched on a Thursday!

They got ready in the blue room, played nothing but Mac Miller, and then headed to their ceremony spot hand in hand. We soaked up the last bit of light and had fun exploring the gardens and rooms. After I left, they ended the night with a private dinner and a Publix cake topped with raccoons with veils.

two souls


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