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Huntsville Alabama Birth Photos

There are moments in my photography career that I will never forget. And this is one of those. I don’t take it lightly that people invite me into their most intimate and important days of their lives. It’s such a great honor. As much as I get that anxious pressure before capturing something like this, it’s a high that could never be matched by any drug.

Medora absolutely floored me with her strength and beauty during this process. This woman labored naturally all morning and then caught her almost 9 lb baby with her own hands!! Excuse me, what?!! And she did it all with breaks of giant smiles.

From Medora’s words, “Childbirth is a wild ride known by the women before us and I’m fascinated by the simultaneous power and surrender that it encompasses…Yes childbirth is painful but our focus doesn’t stay on the pain, our focus is fixed on the joy of seeing and holding our newborn baby.”

Gosh, just pure magic. 😭 🌟

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