Bending Gender Norms Vintage Inspired Wedding Styled Shoot

FYI gender norms are made-up and we are floating on a spinning rock, so as long as you aren’t hurting anyone, DO YOU fully and freely.

Alabama Elopement

Unique Alabama Motel Elopement Styled Shoot

POV: You spend months planning a big wedding only to realize it was causing you all the stress in the world and going to leave your pockets empty. So you hop in your car, hit the road, and find a vintage motel in Alabama.

6 Breathtaking Places to Elope in Alabama

From the coast to the foothills, there are magnificent landscapes just waiting to provide the perfect backdrop for your intimate I dos. The list below includes some of my favorite locations to photograph elopements. 

Haley + Ian | Birmingham Museum of Art Wedding

his wedding was truly a work of art, inspired by a Renaissance painting and held at the Birmingham Museum of Art. It was an extraordinary celebration filled with amazing vibes, energy, and creativity. Of course, it was beyond a dream with Haley being a dancer, and Ian, a documenter.

The Smith Family | Alabama In-Home Session

My job is so much more than just the photographs. It’s about inviting you into a space that feels like home, that captures the essence of love, warmth, and authenticity. It’s about storytelling and creating images that transport you to a place where time stands still. It’s about embracing the freedom and natural beauty of the world around us, paying homage to mother nature’s breathtaking creations.

What is a Bridal Session and Why Should I Have One?

There are a million and one reasons why I’m all about a bridal session, but here I’m going to condense them down into one quick explainer that will tell you everything you need to know about bridal sessions and have you ready to book yours ASAP.

Birmingham Museum of Art Wedding First Look

Everything You Need to Know About Having a First Look

Some of my absolute favorite images I’ve ever captured have been from that pivotal moment when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day.

What Vendors Do I Need to Hire for an Elopement?

There’s something undeniably magic about an elopement. It’s a day that’s entirely about you and the love of your life—and what could be better than that? With an elopement, there are no distractions, no obligations, and no one to tell you what you can and can’t do. Whether you want to climb an alpine mountain […]

3 Reasons I Love a Dirty Wedding Dress

Most people think of wedding dresses as the most precious piece of clothing you’ll ever wear. I mean there are entire businesses dedicated to preserving wedding gowns and keeping them white as snow. But if you’re planning an adventurous elopement, then you’re already bucking tradition, so why not take it one step further and get […]

couple in brooklyn subway

New York City Lovers on Film Couple Session

Some my favorite 35mm film scans from our 2019 trip to New York where I did a couple session with my pals all over New York City.